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Goodbye, Farewell and Arf Arf

It has been awfully quiet around here for the last few days. The puppies went back to PAWS on Tuesday to get ready to find their forever homes. It is amazing how such tiny creatures could have such a big impact on our lives. This is very noticeable in the vacuum they left behind.

The cats have ended their boycott and are now gracing the rest of the house with their regal presence. Sam seems to enjoy curling up for a nap without his little groupie doing everything she can to get his attention. No one is being awakened by puppies protesting constraint in the kennel. The constant battle to keep them from making the house smell like New Jersey is over.

When I come home Emily is not scurrying to be the first one to greet me or sleeping with me, curled up on my pillow (she considered that, not some steel cage, to be her proper place). Scarlett is not trying to drag my fiancé across the room by her nightgown or stealing Sam’s toys. Sora is not taking the more subtle approach of using his soulful eyes to exert mind control on the weak-willed humans.

They came in as little footballs wobbling around, focused on eating and sleeping. They left as fine young animals, strong, happy and full of personality. I consider it a job well done. Trust me, if you had any idea what our household is like, they are prepared for anything a family can throw at them. Except for a stinking, squalling baby. But life should contain some surprises.

While we are still suffering from Empty Kennel Syndrome, the thing that is getting us through is the thought that we did the best we could, we gave them a head start and that there could not be a better place than PAWS to make sure they get a loving forever home.

Sometimes it overwhelms me. Dog fighting,  puppy mills, hoarders, overpopulation and the twisted morons out there hurting animals for fun. What difference can we possibly make?

We can walk a dog at the shelter. We can raise funds sitting in a hot tent all day at a festival. We can hold vaccination clinics and maintain food banks. We can foster puppies. We can only do the best we can.

As we were carrying the pups into the shelter they have become much too big and heavy for their carrier we ran into a lady and her son. They saw the puppies and immediately fell in love. The lady seemed delighted when I told her the pups would be available this weekend. She said they would be back.

I see that as a good sign.


2 responses to “Goodbye, Farewell and Arf Arf

  1. Kathleen August 21, 2010 at 4:02 PM

    “Sometimes it overwhelms me. Dog fighting, puppy mills, hoarders, overpopulation and the twisted morons out there hurting animals for fun. What difference can we possibly make?”

    You made a difference to *these* three. I’ll grant you that we can’t fix it *all*. But we can do what we can with our little corner of things. I have a friend in Washington state who fosters kittens (and does a lot of the photography for local shelters). Like you, his enthusiasm for helping small critters is inspiring.

  2. Yvette Schoenhals August 24, 2010 at 11:39 PM

    It’s been a week today that our babies went back to PAWS. I passed the laundry room today and the door was open. My first thought was, “We need to keep the door shut so the puppies won’t get in!”. Then I realized they’re gone. I’m so happy they all got adopted!

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