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The Worst Teacher I Ever Had

When I was going to graduate school I took the “working adult’ track. This program allows one to complete a degree by attending class in the evening. This meant putting in a full day’s work, speeding across town at rush hour to make it to class on time, having a bag of chips for dinner and then sitting in class for four hours with no chance of early dismissal. Needless to say, even with interesting subject and the most energetic teacher , it becomes very hard to stay awake.

The subject was Advanced Accounting (some of you are already feeling the need for coffee). Not regular accounting but hardcore you really have to have no personality to do it accounting. Which brings us to the teacher.

When an instructor tells you on the first night of class, “We’re going to have fun,” you know the class will about as enjoyable as ice picks in your eyes. When he says it in a dead monotone voice, you seriously consider shopping for ice picks.

I swear on the life of my penis when I tell you that this teacher looked and sounded *exactly* like Ben Stein in “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.”

So here I am exhausted, malnourished, spending four hours of my life in class I am being forced to take listening to Ben Stein talk about how amortization can be used to enhance quarterly reverse cash flow!

When I completed that class, I had a celebratory burning of the textbook.

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One response to “The Worst Teacher I Ever Had

  1. Kathleen July 22, 2010 at 2:04 PM

    You reminded me of my junior high school world history teacher. He had a voice that was in a low register that I have a hard time hearing, anyway; and he sounded like he couldn’t get excited if his ass was on fire. If his lectures had gone anywhere beyond the scope of the textbook, I would have never passed the class. As it was, I had to ask a friend what the homework assignment was. This guy made Ben Stein sound downright animated! Makes me wonder what his wife thought during sex….

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