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Would I Survive No Internet for a Whole Month?

The question is “Would I Survive?” I could survive in the sense that I don’t need the internet to keep breathing. It has not become that bad (yet).

Of course the real question is “could you resist and overcome your addiction to the Internet for a month?” A month? I could do that standing on my head. In fact I enjoy the occasional camping trip and other kinds of “disconnect weekends.” I am sure most of you feel that same way.

Until you really think about it.

Don’t forget we are not just talking about spending time with the lovely ladies at HouseOfAss.com. We are talking about email, IM, message boards and web cams. No more Facebook, Twitter or other self-aggrandizing social sites you may frequent. No Vonage or Skype either.

How many people does that cut you off from? Most of us have many Internet friends that we interact with as much as, perhaps more than, those we see face to face. There are family members, significant others and cybersex pals that are long distances away. You won’t be talking to any of them.

For me it would not be so much missing people but not knowing what is going on. I mean everything from earth-shattering news to the latest juicy gossip amongst my posse. For a week or so it would be nice to be out of the loop. Beyond that, my curiosity would keep me awake.

Then there is the boredom factor. Most of my entertainment comes from the Internet. Not just porn but games, interesting things to read, music and videos. No internet would mean watching the vast wasteland of TV or actually reading something (shudder).

The real problem is “without the internet.” A drunk can “survive” not having a drink, but it would be very hard if he was locked in a distillery. Through sheer force of will I could survive without the internet but, aside from the polar regions or the deep Amazon, where is that electronic drug not available?

My PC is easy. Just turn off my router. But I have dumb neighbors with open WiFi networks. I would have to turn off the wireless radio. The same with my laptop. And there are public WiFi spots to contend with when you use a portable platform.

Oh yes, there are the phones. I can turn off WiFi access no sweat, but what about the cellular data network? Trying to stay off the internet while carrying an iPhone and a Blackberry (I have both) would be like trying to stay off heroin with a bag and a needle in your pocket. What are you going to do, break off phone contact as well?

Could I live without the internet? If the internet was not available or accessible by any means in my location and I could stay there for a month, I would make it but not happily.

You can bet that, once that month was over I would have my phones and laptop on and being hungrily scanning for signal on the flight home. I would have to know if that one girl from Twitter sent me those boob pics she promised.

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