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Hate Speech

Hate speech, now there is a concept. What the hell is it? We all know the  definition is: when a white male says something offensive based on the receiving party’s race, religion, gender etc. Unless the victim is another white male.

This  is how it works. If I am talking to my friend Escuela and say, “You are an asshole,” that is okay, regardless of her actual assholiness. However, should I say “You are a Mexican asshole!” I have now committed hate speech. It’s okay to call her an asshole and she is actually a Mexican, so what is the problem here?

After all, we don’t our brethren under the skin to be damaged by the impact of an angry driver’s words. What damage could words possibly cause? They are offensive. We should not be allowed to say offensive things.

Did I wake up in Russia this morning? In America, we have a thing called “The Constitution.” The Framers of this document uncannily anticipated the problems the country would face in its future. The took the time and effort to list certain rights that citizens would have regardless of cultural, legal or political changes. Two of these keystones to freedom are Freedom of Speech and Freedom of the Press. In other words, the freedom to send and receive information at will without the interference of the government.

However those rights do not include speech that offends others.

Bullshit! That is why these are in the Bill of Rights. The purpose is that you cannot be censored just because someone does not like what you say. This whole idea of hate speech is just that: censoring speech because it offends someone.

So denying some guy in East Texas the right to call a radio show and say “Get all the Mexicans out of Texas” is not going to rip the fabric of American society.  Making people talk nice is innocuous.

Is it? Anytime someone expresses valid criticism with no racial overtones toward Barack Hussein Obama, they are being racist. This makes what they say hate speech. They are subject to censorship via strong-arming from those who disagree. But how long before “hate speech” becomes a crime? Then what happens to you when you criticize Obama?

Here is a truth for you. Censorship is not about keeping someone from saying something. It is about keeping others from hearing what they have to say. More so, to keep them from considering or even agreeing with those ideas.  Next thing you know, large groups of people are forming their own opinions and we end up with the Tea Party.

As much as it seems to be right up there with holding hands and singing kumbyah, the concept of hate speech is thought control. The lifeblood of a democracy is the ability of citizens to hear all points of view, consider them, and form their own opinions. Government is hardly of the people when those people are forced to adhere to a single idealism.

Luckily this is the United States. This has been tried before and it has failed. The Sleeping Giant is being roused again.


2 responses to “Hate Speech

  1. Kathleen July 17, 2010 at 2:57 PM

    God, I hate it when I agree with the Tea Party about something. Let alone about more than one thing. Guns, and free speech.

    Who’d thunk a liberal dem would agree about guns? Jefferson was right about them.

    Free speech? Most of the people I associate with will cave to the racist card. Either through fear, or because they hate (and won’t cop to) the racism in themselves.

    As the slogan says, “politically correct is Constitutionally incorrect”. I didn’t like it when Junior Bush kept dissenters out of his town meetings, and I don’t like it when criticism of Obama is called racist for no reason.

    Personally, I will cave to direct physical threats. I’ll also cave when it’s obvious that I might as well be talking to a wall. And, as you know, I will agree to disagree.

    I’ve noticed as I get older and crankier that I speak more freely. One of the few perks of getting old is people will let you get away with saying a lot more. ::g::

    • David July 20, 2010 at 7:04 PM

      I don’t know if I agree with the Tea Party’s overall philosophy. They hold too many conservative values
      But I love the idea of a grass roots movement that is scaring politicians into distancing themselves from Obama and his hardcore socialism.

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