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My Life, Ten Years From Now

I hope it will bear a great similarity to this one. You know, breathing, heart beating, conscious thought and going to the bathroom by myself.

Beyond that, I would like to be sitting on a pile of money. I don’t care where it comes from. I just want it.

I want my children to be happy and doing well for themselves- so they can supplement the pile of money.

My own life should be simple, comfortable and lived alongside with my beautiful fiance’ whom I hope will be my bride by then. Of course, I will need to work so I hope it is something that is not too stressful.  Handing out tickets on the turnpike comes to mind as the perfect job. I am cool with working as I am one of those people who will fall over dead from boredom within weeks if I retired. Or fall over dead from a fiance whom I have finally pushed over the edge.

Of course I want the iPhone 25G with the directly implanted blue tooth interface. I will also have a 78″ HDTV with 4D (realistic smells) and Dolby You Goin’ Deaf 10.2 home theater.

And I want the god damned flying car Walt Disney promised us in 1953!


2 responses to “My Life, Ten Years From Now

  1. Kathleen July 6, 2010 at 1:49 PM

    Forget the flying car! I want a teleportation booth!

    • David July 8, 2010 at 11:17 AM

      “I signed on this ship to practice medicine, not to have my atoms scattered back and forth across space by this gadget. ” – Dr. Leonard “Bones” McCoy

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