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Thank God for Hitler

Although many men have done much worse to many more people, Hitler has become a shining example of man’s inhumanity to man. Stalin killed twice as many people, including his own soldiers.  Nazi Germany cannot hold a candle to the Church and their centuries of torture and murder. However, we don’t hear a lot about Stalin and the Church is above any condemnation for its acts (I bet they could even get away with child rape). Which leaves poor Adolf to shoulder the burden of being the archetype of human evil.

Maybe it is the leather boots, peaked hat and funny mustache. Maybe it is the comical salute and spastic march of his acolytes. Maybe it is because every other show on cable is about him. Whatever the reason, Der Führer has earned an enduring place in our hearts.

Christians say Hitler was a devil worshipping pagan. Pagans say he was a Jew hating Christian. He would have supported abortion and denied a woman her right to choose. He would force kids to pray in school and sued the school for posting the Ten Commandments.

The Nazi cop gives you a ticket. The fascist Republicans want us to work for the things we get. Your mom makes you clean your room because she’s a dictator. The Nazis made motorcyclists wear helmets. Hitler watched Dancing With the Stars.  Israel is treating the Palestinians like they are Jews (wait, what?).

Godwin’s Law: “As an online discussion grows longer, the probability of a comparison involving Nazis or Hitler approaches 1.”

No matter what the issue or circumstance being discussed, you can always compare your adversary to Hitler. Any law, regulation, rule, social program or political view that you don’t like was espoused by the Nazis.  Satan idolizes Der Fuhrer and the Gestapo makes demons quake in fear. And anyone you disagree with is just like them.

Of course, your side of the argument equates you to a victim of the Holocaust. “You want to ban looking at horse porn on the computers in the library? Well just throw me in the oven!”

It is this Hitlerian utility for which we should thank the gods. Without it, we would be forced to have a valid premise, make logical points and present cogent arguments.

Which is just what Hitler would want us to do.


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