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We Do Need Those Steenking Badges

The social controversy currently espoused by whiny bleeding hearts is a new law in Arizona. The law states that a police officer, in the course of investigating a crime, may ask the suspect to produce documentation proving that they are in the country legally. This crazy idea is based on preventing illegal aliens from stealing jobs, draining our social services, smuggling in drugs and killing citizens.

In the never ending competition to be the Most Oppressed Minority in America, the Latinos have stepped forth to bitch about this law. Somehow this law will result in “profiling,” racism, and subjugation of anyone with a suntan seen eating a burrito. They and their liberal compadres have seized the standard means of stirring up anger over imagined oppression: “Making people produce identification is what the Nazis did!”

Now wait a minute. What planet do these people live on?

Your entire existence is based on a card: the driver’s license. Cops can demand it if you are driving, riding,  walking down the street, standing in the park or even sitting in your own living room. You have to present it to write a check, use your credit card or buy a beer. The airlines require it to get your boarding pass and the TSA requires it to verify the airline’s verification. In fact, you can be arrested for not having one. If a cop asks for ID and you can’t produce it, you are guilty of “concealing your identity.”

If that license expires you may as well too. “Yeah I see that’s your picture and yes we accepted it last week but it expired yesterday.” It is as if aliens kidnapped and replaced you in the night.

This is why old people keep driving even though they are so blind and senile that they mow through crowds at bus stops. If they don’t have that license, they cease to exist. It is just a matter of waiting to fall over.

The truth is, if you don’t have this one little card, lepers will try to avoid you.

A license to drive is the most blatant example of oppression by documentation, but don’t forget passports, voter registration cards, social security cards, library cards and all of the other sundry government documents.

But wait, there’s more. The private sector demands their pound of proof as well.

I have to use a badge to get into the parking garage, past security and through three more doors get to my workplace. I have to wear it all the time I am there. I have to use it again to get out.  When I arrive at my gated community, I use a magnetic card to get back to my home.

I am a natural born citizen with a job, a car, a home and no criminal record yet I have to carry six forms of picture or electronic identification. If I didn’t, I would risk arrest, starvation, imprisonment with cars and dying in the street outside my subdivision.

Could someone please explain why being forced to present identification for access to the country is racist and a violation of civil rights?

Papers, please.


4 responses to “We Do Need Those Steenking Badges

  1. Kathleen June 22, 2010 at 4:39 PM

    I remember a time when if you were asked for I.D., you did not have to produce it unless you were under arrest. I kind of miss those days. And Gods help you if you lose your I.D. while traveling. You may never get home!

  2. Kathleen July 1, 2010 at 2:23 PM

    And I covered it up with a tapestry of you that my grandma made! Pffffft! HUGZ back at you!

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