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And Now a Word from Our Entertainment

Today is the day that Americans put Christmas to shame in the maniacal celebration of consumerism. It will be a rabid display of just how far our society has slipped down the slope of materialistic obsession.

At some point, the Big Game (not tm) was about a clash of sports giants. Heroes battling on a field of honor to determine who was the strongest, bravest and the best. Americans huddled around the TV, raptly watching the game and unified by a common interest and shared emotion.

Now the actual game has dwindled to the point of being a speck of dust on a globe. It is just an excuse. Sure, there are some people who care. Those people who are fans of the two teams playing. They will actually watch the game and cheer their teams on. The victor’s city will celebrate by declaring a day off for rioting and burning itself to the ground.

For everyone else, it becomes bizarro television. Normally one watches a program and either fast-forwards through or takes a leak during the commercials. In the case of The Big Game, people drink like fish and gorge on hot wings, ignoring the action, until the cry of “the commercials are on!” rings out. Then everyone runs to the TV and stares raptly at the 52” wide screen HDTV as the Budweiser (insert talking animal here) or some football player from a bygone era wearing a tutu entertains them.

I get there being commercials. It is a matter of making a buck which is an even prouder tradition than football. But for gods’ sake there are commercials for the commercials. The hawking starts weeks before the event. What commercials are controversial? Which ones are racist, sexist or anti-gay? Which should be censored being to sexual for kids watching a bunch of gorillas (most with criminal records) trying to kill each other?  The Oscars get less hype! The media becomes a commercial for the commercials.

Football is slow and boring. Out of an entire football game there is probably like 15 minutes of action. I agree something beyond shots of grade B celebrities in the crowd is needed to fill time.

So why not show a documentary or a classic film which would be interrupted for the next play? That way people who just want another excuse to drunk and look like an asshole still have an excuse. The .001% of the people who give a rat’s about the game still get their enjoyment. Most importantly, I don’t have to listen to weeks of yakking yentas on talk shows droning about how the Geico lizard sends the wrong message to our children.


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