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Monthly Archives: February 2010

Thank Dave It’s Friday

What is the big deal about Friday? When viewed from a reasonable perspective, it is no different than any other day, including Monday.

You have to get up, fight traffic, work, fight more traffic and arrive home tired just like on Thursday. So why give this day special accolades?

“Thank god it’s Friday!” So if god is in a pissy mood he can just make Friday fall off the calendar? Why thank him in the first place? Wouldn’t we be better off without a fifth work day?

“I can’t wait til Friday.” Well I am sorry to hear that. I am sure your friends and family are too. There is only one way to avoid waiting on time. Committing suicide over an unexceptional day seems rather extreme but if you are that distraught…

“It’s hump day, half way to Friday!” Now this has to be the most bizarre accolade of all. It’s Wednesday, and you are giving Friday props. Why should we not give every day a pat on the back relative to its distance from Friday? “It’s Friday, only seven days until Friday!”

I get it. We anticipate Friday because the next day is Saturday. That’s like anticipating hemorrhoid surgery because the next day you won’t have hemorrhoid surgery. We love the weekend so why not celebrate on the weekend? We don’t celebrate July 3rd because it is the day before July 4th.

And, if we love Friday for being the last day of the week, why don’t we hate Sunday for being the last day of the weekend? “Screw god it’s Sunday.”

When I run the Universe I am going to make every day Friday. It is the perfect set up. People are happy and relaxed yet they are working and being nominally productive. So it is the best of both worlds. Just dangle Saturday like a carrot from a stick and soak up the praise.

“Thank Dave It’s  Friday.”

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