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Keeping Up with the Bones

Have you ever walked through one of the big box pet stores like Petco or Petland? Every time I do, it makes me sick. Organic holistic dog food. 237 kinds of pet shampoo to make your dog’s coat healthy and manageable. Racks of cutesy dog clothes and accessories. One whole section that looks like a Toys R Us for dogs.

Of course the dogs don’t care about any of this crap. In fact, I am sure they find the rhinestone studded designer collars to be annoying. The endless shelves of things on display are not made for them. This useless junk is being marketed to people. The focus is on “I would like that, so the dog would too.” Or on the same emotion that guides modern parenting: “I feel guilty about not spending enough time with Duke so I’ll assuage it with material things.”

What if the money being wasted by these people was donated to an animal rescue organization? Just buy unhealthily fat Princess a box of milk bones and a bag of plain old dog food. There are many dogs out there who would be grateful to have that much.

With the excess money wasted, shelters could be expanded to house more dogs. Low-cost spay and neuter clinics could be held more frequently and in more locations. Food banks could be established or expanded to help those who could not otherwise afford it to keep their pet. Instead of some company in China reaping the profit from pink fuzzy dog slippers, lives could be saved.

Doggy day care, dog spas, boutiques, even fresh baked dog biscuits- our dogs are spoiled beyond all reason while others wait in cold, lonely cages eating minimal rations while waiting to die when the shelter runs out of space.


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