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“Avatar” is Evil Socialist Propaganda Targeting Our Youth

The film “Avatar” is sweeping the world. It is breaking every box office record. People are swarming to see it four or five times. It uses a new technology which takes the film off the screen and places it deep into the viewers mind. It is a powerul story with stunning effects.

Is this not the definition of propaganda? To take control of a person’s mind and present them with something that holds their interest while indoctrinating them with a subliminal message?

That is what “Avatar” is all about and the message is that Socialism is good and entrepreneurial Capitalism is bad.

Of course you think this is a ridiculous notion so let’s look at it in-depth.

The evil humans are bent on destruction and motivated by avarice. They just want to satisfy a materialistic hunger.

The Na’vi just  live a peaceful, agrarian life. There is no greed among them. Everyone shares with everyone.

The vicious humans are all white males (there are a couple of women but they are good and want to help the Na’vi). We know that white males are the source of all evil.

The Na’vi are blue and of indiscriminate gender. This automatically defines them being as repressed, victimized and downtrodden.

The humans use polluting, atmosphere-warming technology which destroys all living things in its path (soldiers using technology- the military industrial complex).

The Na’vi live in perfect harmony with nature and “sync” with all living things. They prove being a Luddite brings Utopian perfection.

The humans have a health care system where only the rich can get care.  Crippled veterans cannot afford new legs.

The Na’vi congregate and use their collective power to heal and bring people back to life. This proves the benefits of socialized medicine.

Worst of all, the humans, even the good ones, act as individuals with independent thought.  Some are scientists, some are soldiers, some are business people; all of them are motivated by different things and have different views. Some even rebel and go against the flow.

The Na’vi are part of a planet-wide hive brain. They all want the same thing and want to accomplish it in the same way. All are equal. There is no competition or differing points of view.

The message of this film is obviously that the Capitalist society built by white men is destructive and greedy. And the egalitarian society built by a minority is harmonious and beautiful.

And, of course, the perfect Na’vi defeat the evil humans. Socialism beats individuality in the end. So it must be superior. You must be on its side or be crushed by big things with shovels on their heads (representing the larger brains of those who support socialism).

What a coincidence that this blockbuster film comes out just as Obama and the left wing Liberals are trying to force Socialism down America’s throat. It’s the most expensive movie ever made, so it is obviously funded under the table with our tax money. And that new three-dimensional technology is probably derived from military weapons research.

Write your Congressman and demand they make it illegal to show this film. Additionally, tell them to provide the funding and technology to create a film that promotes the ideals of this nation instead of vilifying them.

Do it now before Disney or 20th Century Fox make this great nation an entertainment induced “Animal Farm”. No real American will stand by and let this crap be foisted on our children- our hope for the future.

Of course this is all bullshit. It’s a movie for the gods’ sake!

But why should I not get in on the “mention Avatar and add some specious political or social bullshit to get PR” bandwagon? Isn’t that kind of whoring what blogs and the media are all about?


2 responses to ““Avatar” is Evil Socialist Propaganda Targeting Our Youth

  1. Daren Ortega May 28, 2010 at 1:29 PM

    You have done it again. Incredible post!

  2. John June 29, 2010 at 7:40 PM

    I don’t think it should be illegal – on the contrary, I think that its viewing should be compulsary to show how awesome the capitalist Colonel Quaritch is. The Na’vi are shooting everything in sight full of poison arrows (and would have shot an unarmed avatar in the back) and it’s the humans who are meant to be the militaristic violent ones? It’s obvious – everyone knows Colonel Quaritch is the real hero of Avatar.

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