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Ghost Week

Being a consultant, I have had to go in this week while the regular employees are off. I work in a big building and I have the west wing of it all to myself. There is absolutely no one around. It is a very weird feeling, that vast corporate emptiness.
In one sense it is pretty cool. Technically I could work in my underwear, drink in my office and fart whenever I want. I don’t even have to work at all. Plus I get peace, something that is impossible to have when you live with two teenage girls.
In another sense it’s skeevy. Seeing no one, talking to no one, working in total isolation. I look out my office window and expect to see the zombies that killed everyone else.
Next week the holiday twilight zone will be over and everyone will be back to work. Things will return to their normal chaos.
I think I will be more comfortable in that normalcy. Yet I know I will wish that, once in a while, I could have my private kingdom back..


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