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I am about to bring up a topic that, in today’s environment, borders on being offensive. If you are a thin-skinned person with finely honed sensibilities, I recommend moving on to the Milquetoast Say Nothing and Offend No One blog.

The subject at hand is…work. I know, the news, our politicians, media persons, no one of any note wants to talk about this distasteful subject. If you want to hear about a mass murderer or the World Champion Pizza eater,  just tune in to any news outlet at any time. If you want to hear about the honest working man who drags his ass out of the house every morning to go dig ditches, forget about. Denying yourself to feed your family is gauche, passé and boorish. Just like dying in a useless war on the other side of the planet.

“Free,” that’s the operative word. It used to mean “exempt from external authority, interference, restriction.” People are willing to snap up the “I can do and become whatever I want” part of free.. What they seem to conveniently ignore is what is needed to accomplish this. Among these requirements are that some people have to die in useless wars on the other side of the planet.

Freedom offers the opportunity to obtain what you want. It does not guarantee you will get it. It is like the highway that gives you a way to get from Los Angeles to New York. However you have to provide your own car and drive the route yourself.

The American Dream is real and it still happens. You can become who and what you want to be. That’s how a dorky loser from Roosevelt, Long Island became an entertainer who’s name is a household word. It is how a nerd with no social skills became one of the richest men in the world. It’s how a farm kid who was so poor he could not even afford shoes took the helm of the eighth largest economy in the world. They did this by knowing how to make the dream into a reality: they worked.

Somehow the concept of “free” in this country has changed to one of its other meanings: “provided without, or not subject to, a charge or payment.”

A wave of entitlement (Socialism) has swept this country. We want free health care for everyone. We want free college educations. We want illegal immigrants to invade our country and take advantage of our public services without paying taxes; in other words, get them for free.

Our sit-on-our-asses-surfing-the-net-playing-video-games-watching-237-channels-of-cable lifestyle has diluted what used to be know as the “work ethic.” This wacky concept claimed the if you did honest, hard work you would be rewarded proportionately.

That is laughably archaic, isn’t it?  We should not only be given the highway but we should also a chauffeured limousine. We should not have to offer anything in return, other than whining about the “disadvantaged,” the “oppressed,” and the favorite weapon of people with a liberal agenda, the “chillllldrennnn.”

It sounds so wonderful! Who does not like to get things for free? Plus if everyone has the same things, there are no more Evil Rich People (i.e., people who work) and no more Disadvantaged People (i.e., people who don’t work). On a personal and social level, we can see the Karl Marx was very accurate in his use of the word “utopia.”

Well, maybe not a utopia. There are a couple of problems.

Socialism  sounds all egalitarian and wonderful but, in truth, it is the erosion, if not the elimination, of freedom.

Tyrants throughout history know that one of the key ingredients of repression is to convince people they are safe, happy and well-fed under the tyrant’s benevolent rule. Make that only under the tyrant’s benevolent rule. Left to our own devices, this ridiculous notion of “Democracy,” millions of ignorant really skinny children will die because they can’t get antibiotics for their hang nails.

To ingrain the idea that we need to be cared for like cattle, the government puts us in its feedlot. Like cattle ignoring an open gate, we stay there  giving no thought to what is really being done to us. We have food, veterinary care,  and can get out of the rain. Thank gods for the meat packers!

There is a more minor issue but an important one nonetheless. To quote The Dean Of Science Fiction, Robert Heinlein, TANSTAAFL: There Ain’t No Such Thing as a Free Lunch. Believe it or not, the things we need and enjoy don’t just spring whole from the bowels of the earth. In order for goods and service to be provided, people have to (gasp) work.

So you have not only gained nothing, you have lost. You are still working but now you are only getting 25% of your money. The rest is buying 40 ounce cans of malt liquor for some guy that can’t even spell “job.” It’s giving medical care to a gang-banger getting $145,000 worth of surgeries to repair the damage from the third time he has been in a shootout over drugs. Worst of all, it’s paying to educate (brainwash) children in institutions dedicated to teaching them how great Socialism is.

The loud demands for a Socialist way of life is the  death knell of the American Dream. Even those who overcome the complete absence of the things that motivate greatness still can’t excel with the millstone of  Socialism around their neck.

If we had avoided this plague of Capitalism or entertained the laughable idea of working and reaping the reward of said work, just think how much better off we would be.

Howard Stern would be doing the hog report in Pig Knuckle, Arkansas. Bill Gates would be playing games on an Atari 2600. Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger would be sweating it out in a basement gym in Austria.

And all we would have to worry about is how many slices the World Champion Pizza eater managed to wolf down.


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