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Ted is Dead

This very special edition of Welcome to My Whirled is dedicated to that Democratic Drunk, that Socialist Sot, that Liquored-up Liberal, that Plastered Politician- the late Edward “Teddy” Kennedy. Between drowning secretaries and fending off the DT’s, he was selflessly dedicated to eroding our rights. He did more to undermine our American way of life than Karl Marx, while enjoying its benefits for himself.

In honor of the court jester in the family closest to American Royalty, here are some jokes at the expense of old pudding head.

So cheers Teddy! The alcohol industry will miss you.

Senator Ted Kennedy has died. Scott Peterson is in line to take over the responsibility of drowning innocent women.

“Ireland lost a good friend today in Ted Kennedy”
That’s true. He helped its economy by supporting the whiskey industry

“Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country”- John F Kennedy

“I don’t look at what is and ask “why?”, I look at what isn’t and ask “why not?”- Robert F. Kennedy

“Errr-aa…hic!’- Teddy Kennedy

Sen Ted Kennedy’s death leaves Massachusetts facing a critical shortage of criminally incompetent leadership. Can Menino shoulder the load?

“Do you feel any sympathy for the Kennedy family or other residents of the compound?”
I did but I cut a big fart and it went away.

Poor Ted Kennedy. He is the only one of them that no one cared enough about to shoot

They are making a new movie about the tragic deaths of the Kennedy family. It’s called Planes, Brains and Automobiles

You would think a family like the Kennedys could deal with life but they always lose their heads.

I kinda feel sorry for Ted Kennedy’s family but at least they won’t have to pay to embalm him.

the sober years


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