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The Parent Crap

I live in a gated community. I leave for work early in an attempt to miss the worst of our world-renowned Atlanta traffic. The time I leave is the same time the future of our nation (whoa, that’s a scary thought) gathers at the entrance. They are there to wait for the buses that carry them off to their state-funded babysitter.

Since the buses cannot enter, every kid in the subdivision has to wait at the same gate I pass through. Each morning I have to wend my way through a meandering herd of squalling brats.

I am going to be uncharacteristically understanding on this point. Kids have go to school. How else are they going to be brainwashed with Socialist propaganda?

I don’t want buses already loaded with the social detritus inside my neighborhood. They are  why the gates were built in the first place.

I understand all this forces them to wait at my means of exit. I get this and accept as part of life. However, what annoys me (and you knew there would be something) is the parents.

For some reason the parents feel compelled to accompany their litters to wait for the bus. They stand around doing nothing but  increasing the impediment to traffic. Some of the lazier ones drive down and park while they wait for their kid to be hauled off.  Whether standing or snoring in the car,  these people exacerbate an already intolerable situation.

The question is: why?

It is certainly not to promote traffic safety. The  presence of all those extra people and their cars make the situation more dangerous. Wending and winding along with diminished visibility increase the chance of a genetic cleansing via all-season radials.

These ersatz guardians don’t even watch the brats. Their living demonstrations of genetic imperfection gather and play right in the driveway. The adults stand around looking like a casting call for Night of the Living Dead. Just this morning a little girl came bounding out in front of my car. Her mother seemed offended when I suggested she keep an eye on her child. Maybe it was because I honked and yelled. Or perhaps it was my use of the word “savage.”

Obviously the retard factories don’t care about traffic safety. The question remains as to why they are there.

Are they worried that some miscreant with pedophilic intentions might show up? There are like a hundred kids standing around! Anyone in a van who showed up with candy would be crushed under an avalanche of obese junk food predators. Unless the Third Child Molester Regiment parachutes in, there is no need to worry that their get will end up in altar boy training camp.

The only thing they are protecting is the human race…from the scourge of evolution. There is absolutely no reason for the adults to be there. So what is this great effort at uninvolvement all about?

From the same people who brought you “Quality Time” comes this shallow display of  “protecting the children.” Both are based on the idea that you only need to make a semblance of child rearing. This relieves the passive procreator of both responsibility and guilt. They don’t even have to think about their contribution to future welfare rolls and subjects for Lifetime movies.

These baby producers stumble down to the bus stop to stand there and pretend they are bravely protecting their progeny. Then they wander off feeling gratified that they have been “good parents.”

Of course the kids come to an empty house, microwave some chicken nuggets, talk to pervert stalkers in a “teen” chat room, and go to sleep listening to mom and dad flinging hateful insults at each other.

But, hey, nothing happened to them at the bus stop.


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