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140 Year Old Lobster Gets a Lesson in Life

At age 140, lobster to regain his freedom | U.S. | Reuters.

A lobster thought to be about 140 years old will be returned to the ocean after briefly becoming the mascot for a New York City restaurant, an animal rights group said on Friday.

This lobster was born some time near the end of the civil war. For almost a century and a half it crawls around on the bottom of the ocean, growing, reproducing and avoiding predators. One day it makes one little mistake, a potentially fatal one. It ends up in a lobster pot and faces certain death in a boiling one.

But no! It suddenly finds itself in the limelight. It becomes a crustacean celebrity in an Greatest City in the World ™. People adore it, the paparazzi surround it and it’s fame becomes known throughout the nation. It thinks it is on top of the world but it is still doomed to a tasty death. It is just being used as a Judas Goat to bring in consumers for its fellows.

As it is enjoying its fame, some nosy group of self-appointed do-gooders has to step in. On the surface their motives are good, let the poor old fellow go. Yea, what about the 237 other lobsters waiting on culinary death row? How about giving them a chance to reach 140 years old as well? Of course, the younger delicacies won’t generate as much publicity as the 140 Year Old Crustacean Celebre’.

The old fellow will once again be plunged into watery obscurity hopefully avoiding the net of someone less expert and more hungry. There he will live out his lobster days in whatever way lobsters live.

There are so many life lessons in this palatable parable:

As well all realize, fame is fleeting and insubstantive. Today you are a hero and tomorrow you are a sandwich. People only love you for what you can give them and they only care when they can derive some benefit. Don’t get too cocky because you, too, will end up back on the menu

The most important lesson is that your life can completely change in a matter of minutes. One day you are cold and alone at the bottom of the ocean and the next you are surrounded by adoring crowds in Big Apple. One phone call,  one missed turn or one misstep into a lobster pot can remodel your entire universe.

Don’t give up, don’t stop hoping and don’t resign yourself to your current sadness. Even if you have been cold, wet and at the bottom for 140 years there is still a chance. Always leave room for the caprciousness of Fate.


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