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You Lack Discipline!

Writing is cathartic to me. It is a way of organizing my brain  and figuring life out.Writing is way to release the pressure of all the thoughts have built up. Sort of a mental fart, if you will.

Writing is a lot like exercising. It reduces stress and keeps me mentally fit. I know I need to do it and I love how I feel afterward. Yet it is hard to motivate myself and easy to find something “more important” to do. Then the guilt sets in.

I suppose this is part of the human condition, this constant cycle of bad decisions followed by regret. As an example, sitting idly in front of a computer killing zombies right and left is not good for us. In fact, the inactivity is bad in the long run. Going the gym is great for us physically, mentally and emotionally (no guilt). Yet even the smallest excuse not to suffices.

This same analogy applies to many things in our lives. Why is it so easy for us to do the things that are bad for us yet hard to do what s good? We even have a name for the internal war we must fight:discipline. Strange how this word means both “adherence to a regimen” and “punishment.”

I would like to redefine “discipline” to mean “the ability to forgo immediate comfort and gratification in favor of long-term benefit.” Or the ability to defy gravity by raising one’s ass off the chair.

Every year I declare it to be a Year of Dave and focused on one aspect of my life. Health, relationships, finances- so far they have all been successes (although sometimes in unexpected ways). This Year of Dave is dedicated to discipline in writing, exercising and everything that is good for me. I am focused on what will truly make me happy and getting it.

If I accomplish the first part, the second part should be easy.


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