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Everyone Has a Drug

One of the most ridiculous dividing lines in our society is the one between the advocacy and condemnation of drug use. This is a useless, fruitless and unwinnable “war.” There are two immutable reasons for this:

  1. Everyone needs something to help them make it through life.
  2. Everyone has something that does this.

Please allow me to expound on this first point.

Back when we were just another animal, survival was our only and very daunting task. Everything within us was focused on not starving to death or being the means of saving some other animal from the same fate. The firing of every synapse was used either to find the necessities of life  or detect danger. The power in every heartbeat was consumed to secure the next one. There was no time or energy available for anything but staying alive.

Over the centuries, we became “more advanced.” Now, instead of tracking through the woods all day then risking our lives trying to kill a wild boar with a rock, we hit the drive-through in air conditioned comfort. Instead of having to focus every thought on staying alive, we mindlessly sit and hope that the annoying fat chick is the next one voted off. Technology and civilized society have taken on the battle for survival on our behalf. We no longer need to fight it.

But our hearts are still beating, our brains are still humming. We are still producing power to survive but it is not needed.  So we  have redefined its tasks. To our modern minds things like using the right color in our Power Point presentation or getting invited to the prom have become the new matters of life and death. Unfortunately these are things we have no control of, things we did not create and cannot change.

Because of the way our animal nature works , we are not happy unless we are appeasing our hardwired survival instinct. However our survival- happiness- is no longer something we can control. We can’t force the boss to not lay us off or the person we are in love with to stop breaking our heart.

Round and round it goes like a conundrum Captain Kirk would use to kill a computer. So, lest we suffer such a fate, we have to find a way to convince ourselves that we are surviving (happy). If we don’t, unhappiness will drive and consume us to the point that we are destroyed.

Which leaves us two choices in this matter: feel happy or feel nothing.


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