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Man shoots talker at movies

Man shoots talker at movies, police say – CNN.com.

A man angry that a family was talking during a movie threw popcorn at the son and then shot the father in the arm, according to police in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

This guy is an idiot.

You go to the movies and try to enjoy the show and you have to deal with some loudmouth yapping it up. Who are these people who think that movie theaters are there to showcase their boorishness?

Our friend here, like most of us, is getting tired of this epidemic of people who go to public places and think they are the only ones there. You know, the ones that talk on cell phones at the top of their voices or stop right in the middle of the aisle at a crowded store.

The kid was probably whining for a soda or complaining that we was bored. The shooter asked the father to tell his brat to put a sock in it. The dad, undoubtedly one of those who think that merely breeding makes him and his spawn somehow superior, told the shooter to deal with it “for the children.”

While armed violence may be a little extreme, I laud the thought behind the shooter’s actions. It  is time for decent folk such as ourselves to take a stand against these self-entitled prima donnas. A few people gunned down for blowing their noses in restaurants or driving ten miles under the limit in the left lane might just get society back on course. People like the shooter should be lauded as heroes of the Darwinian cause.

What makes this guy an idiot is not ruining his own life and trying to end someone else’s over a Brad Pitt film. What makes him an idiot is throwing the popcorn. Do you know how expensive that stuff is?


One response to “Man shoots talker at movies

  1. fullmetalgerbil December 28, 2008 at 2:59 AM

    Yes, I guess there is something to be said for tremendous overreaction to annoyance at the hands of bozos in public places. Like Hannibal Lechter said, “I only eat the rude”

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