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Monthly Archives: December 2008

A Brief Love Affair (Interlude)

Whenever you have to deal with the government in person, you are assured that you are going to end up waiting in a dingy, uncomfortable, crowded waiting room. There, you will encounter the most eclectic group of people gathered in one place. Bureaucracy is the great equalizer. Good writers are essentially observers of people. We love to watch how they act and interact. The DMV was a gold mine.

I have learned to scope out the best spots for my people watching. On this day I posted myself near the check-in desk. There I was able to see everyone who came in and hear all the woeful tales of what was needed and the difficulties of getting it. I watched the haughty, executive-looking type get indignant at being forced to follow the same rules as his societal subordinates. I saw an Emo girl with coal-black hair and corpse-white skin as she struggled to maintain her rebelliousness in the palace of forced conformity. The place was a living catalogue of the human species.

Then she walked in. Puzzled as to where she was to go, she stopped right in front of where I was sitting. No, she was not some dazzling beauty with glinting this and sparkling thats. But she was gorgeous. Hot on the outside to be sure but her gorgeousness was more in the energy she exuded.

Maybe it was her air or her style or just the look in her eye, I don’t know. In a matter of seconds she drew my heart to her as if it were a moth and she a flame. I wanted to know her; what made her laugh, her favorite color, the music she listened to, how her skin felt and her lips tasted.

Going from our first meeting to mad love was a matter of ten seconds. Then, she turned to ask something of the jaded info-guy at the desk. I did not hear what she said but the tone of her voice was not what I had expected. A very pleasant sound. Evidently, she could not get what she required so she turned and left.

The strictures of our society forbid us from indicating attraction to someone without a nominal prelude. There has to be a build up to asking for a name, let alone a phone number. Otherwise you get branded a weirdo, a stalker or you get laughed at. As much as I wanted to ask her wait, as badly as I wanted to assure her that I was not some whacko and as  desperately as I wanted to get her number…I had to let her go.

I wonder if she saw me. I am sure she did, she was right in front of me. I am thinking that she too felt the spark that promised to erupt into flame. Like myself she wanted more but was forced to dismiss it for fear of violating the rules we are forced to place this stupid game by.

Our lives went separate ways . The love affair had ended and my heart was broken.I just have to live with the memory of our time together and dream of what could have been.

“Excuse me, miss? Did you drop this? …Oh, it’s not yours? I am sorry to bother you then…Heh heh, what do y0u know? It is the menu from a Chinese Buffet. I didn’t read it. I just grabbed it and it and ran. I know how much trouble it can cause if you lose the wrong paper…Oh, not at all.  Just doing what anyone would do. So, do you like Chinese food?…”

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